Std 11 and 12 - JEE/NEET 2 YEARS' PROGRAM
This stage is the start of students' career path and 'WE' carefully takes up the responsibility of showing light at each step they take. 'WE' strikes a perfect balance between building conceptual foundation and equipping with competitive edge.
✓ Mode: Offline & Online
✓ Subjects taught: Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
✓ Sessions: 7 days a week, 2 sessions/day, 1.5 hours/session
✓ Duration: 2-year course - From April till NEET / JEE exam
✓ Faculty: Qualified teachers with 5-7 years' experience of training students for various entrance exams. They invest their time and expertise to instill confidence in medical and engineering aspirants.
✓ Teaching techniques:

  • Thorough preparation of school/board exams and rigorous training for the NEET / JEE goes hand in hand
  • Classroom training incorporating the most creative ideas and illustrations.
  • Students' active participation is encouraged to create a competitive, learning- conducive environment.
  • Study notes and practice assignments are provided.
  • End-of-topic MCQ tests that help students take easy bites of their vast syllabus.
  • Feedback sessions and paper discussions are conducted after every test.
  • Solving of past year papers and sample papers is periodically scheduled and assessed.
  • Detailed exam orientation, teamed with individual plan of action for each student.
  • ✓ Course Outline

    Year 1

  • April to December – Covering topics of std. 11 with MCQ prep
  • December to mid-February – Kick-start with topics of std. 12
  • Mid-February to Mid-March – Interspace for std. 11 final exam
  • Year 2
  • Mid-March to September – Completing topics of std. 12 with MCQ prep
  • October to January (till JEE/NEET exams) – Entrance perspective extensive MCQ practice, Mock Tests, discussion, and feedback sessions
  • January (post JEE/NEET) till Board exams – Std. 12 board exam preparation - revision of Board Syllabus, Board Pattern Test series