Forget the mistakes, Remember the lessons. They say, "practice makes man perfect." 'WE' upholds this saying by the series of tests conducted.
✓ Subjects included: Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, History, Geography, Computers, Accounts, Economics.
✓ Season: Between October & February
✓ Coverage: Exclusively for standards 9, 10 and 12.
✓ Phases:

  • Alpha 1 (Half Syllabus – Part 1)
  • Alpha 2 (Half Syllabus – Part 2)
  • Omega 1 (Full Syllabus)
  • Omega 2 (Full Syllabus)
  • ✓ Features:

  • Our test series extensively covers the school/board syllabus and are customized as per the boards' standards.
  • Carefully prepared test modules assess the students' preparation and performance.
  • Paper correction as per board marking scheme.
  • Paper discussion & feedback sessions after each phase
  • One-to-one interaction sessions with parents and/or students on need basis.
  • ✓ Benefits:

    WE Test Series

  • Acquaints students with exam environment.
  • Helps in overcoming anxiety and fear.
  • Develop the skills of time management and paper presentation.
  • Helps build confidence by calibrated progress.