Std 5 to 8
This stage is of building and developing abilities and nurturing skills. 'WE' focuses on forming effective study habits and capitalizes on child's curiosity.
✓ Subjects taught: Math, Science, English, Social Studies
✓ Sessions: 6 days a week, 1-2 sessions/day, 1.5 hours/session
✓ Duration: 10-11 months' course - From June till final exams (A few sessions conducted in summer vacation)
✓ Faculty: Teachers with 5-7 years of experience in methodical teaching. Qualified post- graduates in streams of Science, Medicine, Engineering, Law, Child Psychology, passionately ready to shape your child's thinking abilities.
✓ Teaching techniques:

  • Focus on making Basic Concepts clear
  • Emphasis on learning by reasoning and understanding instead of memorizing
  • Use of Visual, Audio & real – life illustrations to facilitate quick understanding
  • Constant monitoring and guidance, one to one interaction
  • Easy to learn notes, assignments at regular intervals.
  • Interactive revision sessions including solving Higher Order thinking Questions(HOTs)
  • Periodic tests with feedbacks
  • Separate doubt clearing sessions
  • ✓ Co-curricular activities:

  • WisE CAT – An MCQ Test checking Basic concepts of every subject.
  • Study–planner Sessions
  • Hand-writing Improvement Sessions