Every living organism and inanimate object has a lesson to teach if there is a student to learn. Education continues to be a driving force in the machinery of civilization. Anyone can score- simply stated, doesn’t negate the need to put efforts. It rather gives an equal platform to learn and perform. This is exactly what Wisdom provides.

A platform where every student gets his space to grow and learn by a subtle monitoring that gently removes mental hurdles and keeps the process of wondering, knowing, learning, memorizing, applying alive.

Wisdom birthed in 2014 to the delight of 4 teachers and 1 student


A kindled flame of teaching cannot be easily extinguished.

Somewhere, somehow it illumined us. We, the core Team of Wisdom- Group of Institutes have learnt the essence of teaching. We flame the quest to learn that is present in every child.

Our core team comprises doctors, engineers, lawyers and other professionals who have taken to teaching as a Career Choice.

With the motto ‘Anyone can score’, our faculty enables students of varying IQs and EQs to SCORE and SOAR in their individual lives.


At Wisdom, every Child is a God-given responsibility.

  • We guide your child’s study skills and we focus on marks improvement and score enhancement.
  • Our faculty involves in every aspect of the students’ learning process.
  • We provide high quality education, personalized attention and career guidance.
  • We also focus on the students’ individual, social, moral and intellectual upbringing.
  • We emphasize on teamwork without compromising on the distinctiveness of each student.
  • In the changing scenario of education, Wisdom has emerged with upgraded teaching and testing modules. The underlying inspiration is the same!